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ID: 674 Published: June 7, 2016 1:02 pm

 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 7BX, United Kingdom
We are looking for Companion / Carers for inspirational home-based stroke patient, Cambridge, 3-4 weekdays. 


• Are you a gentle, patient and caring listener?
• Could you ‘slow’ to the rhythm of a frail, fearful stroke patient – helping her stay calm and reassured, no matter what?
• Would you enjoy providing conversation, care and gentle support to help a wonderful lady recover from a devastating stroke?
• Do you enjoy cooking and baking?

Then this wonderful lady needs you!

We are looking for two carers to join a home-based rehab / care team, providing a safe haven for a wonderful lady (58) as she recovers from a severe brain stem stroke. We are seeking two really special people who will take the time get to know this fabulous, funny and intelligent lady and be able to tune into her needs (and potential) and help her become all she can be.

About the job
Our aim is to build on our team of empathetic carers, who each bring special skills to deliver the care, continuity, companionship, and rehabilitation this wonderful lady needs needs. With the right care, we are confident (from experience) that she can not just enjoy life, but gain more and more control and reverse some of her devastating symptoms. She’s made enormous progress already – but there is still a way to go.

About you
Cooking and baking are hugely important to this lady’s enjoyment of life and sense of achievement. Ideally, you will share a similar interest in baking and/or cooking, and be happy to be her ‘2nd pair of hands’, ensuring she has the daily satisfaction of producing wonderful meals and cakes for her family and friends. Her team also deliver some rehabilitation physiotherapy – although at a gentle pace. So knowledge of general physiotherapy, massage, movement etc would be useful too.

You will be an excellent listener. Learning to understand this lady’s needs and preferences is a vital part of the role. Although her voice is weak, her speech can be understood with patience and practice – and conversation is a lifeline for this sparkly lady who is keen to be heard! Taking the time and patience to allow her speak and be understood is an important part of her rehabilitation and confidence-building.

You will also be enabler, rather than a ‘doer’. It’s vital to be able to hang back a little and wait for the cue from her in everyday activities, so her care team are constantly working in partnership rather than ‘taking over’. Understanding the locus of control is a critical part of her rehabilitation – ensuring she has agency and is taking the lead, rather than being cast into the role of a passive patient. Naturally enough, she can also feel frustrated a times, with her body, with people, with everything – so an ability to remain calm, detach from the situation and gently help her through patches of frustration is essential.

You will be free to reliably cover 3-4 day shifts (8am-4pm) – possibly including an alternate or regular Saturday. You’d also be asked to cover team member holidays and sickness, usually on a planned basis, although occasionally ad hoc. The lady has an evening care team who work to the same brief, and her husband plays a key part in her care and recovery. Ideally we’d like all the team members to start meeting monthly to discuss her progress, rehab goals, and share their insights, so you will have the support of a care plan manager and colleagues.

• You will preferably be local to Cherry Hinton, Cambridge
• You will be utterly reliable and able to work a set 3-4 day rota (with occasional extra shifts)
• Possibly able to cover Saturdays, or take alternate Saturdays.
• Patience and a calm, caring attitude are more important than care experience, although a care, rehab or speech therapy background would be a distinct advantage.
• Respect for slow speaking and a soft voice, and a willingness to listen are essential.
• An interest in cooking and baking is top of the list!
• Although a petite 5’2”, the patient is wheelchair dependent and unable to shift unaided. So a fair degree of physical fitness is required to manage hoisting, massage and assisting with physiotherapy. Full training will be given.
In exchange, we are offering a positive and pleasant work environment, team support, excellent rates of pay, training and job security.

PLEASE NOTE: As this job involves personal care, we respectfully ask for only female applicants.
You will also be living (and entitled to work in) the UK – preferably in Cambridge or within commuting distance.

To apply:
Please send your CV and a short email telling us why you would like to apply for this very special role.
Please you include a daytime number as we will contact suitable applicants for a brief telephone interview in the first instance. We will respond to every application.

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